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Hairy Queeny (rewashed)

$ 64.95

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Queeny is the ultimate collectible sheep! Apart from her hyper-realistic fur, everybody adores her stunned facial expression and chubby cheeks, her long soft ears and extra-cute split hoofs.

She makes the perfect gift for any fan of the wooly breed, but especially for anybody who loves to touch, groom, giggle. Beware though: while Queeny can be washed on a cold cycle, do NOT put this sheep in the dryer!

This is Hairy Queeny's story as written on her tag: 

"She’s back! After her last action film “Sheepmator 7” became a blockbuster she took a creative break and disappeared into the underground. But now she’s back – with a new outfit, style and of course her rewashed hairdo by star stylist “Brave Hair”."

 Height: 11.4"

 Age: 12+ Years

 Material: Plush. Wadding: Polyester

 CareMachine wash in cold cycle