XXL Sweety Striped Fox – sigikid

XXL Sweety Striped Fox

$ 139.95

Brand sigikid
SKU: 38745

The best thing in the world is having a big brother or sister to hug. Failing that, or when they’re not around, this most huggable fox in the world is happy to serve. At over 32 inches tall and made from super-soft short pile plush, our Sweety Fox is perfect for snuggling, role play and as an XXL snoozing buddy. He’ll also sit patiently in the corner of the crib and watch over a baby until more fun and games beckon.

Sweety Fox’s fetching look is created by trusting eyes and a naturalistic face combined with cheerful stripes and checks. Even better, his comical supersized feet and erect ears invite young ones to grab and play. Designed in Germany, this high-end toy is even machine-washable. He makes the perfect gift for any nature- and design-loving family! 

 Size: 32.3"

 Age: 3-12 Years

 Material: Cotton, Polyester. Wadding: Polyester

 Care: Machine wash in cold cycle.

 Country of Origin: Romania