Ach Goood! Polar Bear- Beasts desiger plush toy by sigikid - 38927

Ach Good! Polar Bear

$ 49.95

SKU: 38927

Our most handsome stuffed polar bear brings equilibrium and that all-is-well smile into any situation. His snow-white shaggy plush and cartoon eyes make him quite the stunner. Some say he comes from a benign country in the North where people just get on with each other.

Whatever the reason, this designer bear never looses his cool, does not hibernate and loves a big snuggle session just as much as a game of jumping from armchair iceberg to sofa boat. No need to resist, we have a 30 day return policy — no questions asked. However, we haven’t seen this fella come back just yet.

 Height: 14.2"

 Age: 12+ Years

 Material: Plush, Wadding: Polyester

 Care: Machine wash in cold cycle.