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Lulo Lumpo Activity Cuddle Toy

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Playtime in the jungle! Lulo Lumpo is probably the friendliest and most fashionable lion in the world. Not only does he delight newborns with his smiling, two-textured face and soft cotton exterior, he has got a few tricks up his striped sleeve: His mane rustles mysteriously, the tip of his tail rattles and the leaf in his paw squeals when squeezed. Even better, Lulo’s chewable right paw offers relief for itchy, teething gums. 

Parents rave about this stuffed lion’s understated retro design, which includes diamonds, speckles, stripes as well as muted taupe and dove blue colors. The ideal gift for vintage-loving moms and dads!

 Size: 10.2"

 Age: 0-3 Years

 Material: Cotton. Wadding: 100% Polyester

 Care: Machine wash in cold cycle.