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Lulo Lumpo Musical Toy

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Bedtime for the cubs? Lulo Lumpo is probably the friendliest and most fashionable lion in the world and comes with his own lullaby, which is softly and safely tucked away in his tummy. Just pull the red ring to listen to his tune. Soon, your wee one will come to recognize this melody as the beginning of sleepy-time, which helps to settle and wind down.

Parents rave about Lupo’s understated retro design, which includes diamonds, speckles, stripes as well as muted taupe and dove blue colors. With or without the song, this stuffed lion makes a wonderful cuddle mate for any baby and a fantastic gift for vintage-loving mums and dads.
Please note: each sigikid musical toy comes pre-assorted with one of four lullabies.

The music box can be removed with a safety pin (so that little hands cannot open it themselves) in order to: 

 Machine wash it

 Use it as a cuddle toy

 Replace the music box with one of the other lullabies available

 Size: 7.9"

 Age: 0-3 Years

 Material: Cotton, tricot. Wadding: 100% Polyester

 Care: Machine wash in cold cycle.

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