Signature Bunny Grasp Toy – sigikid

Signature Bunny Grasp Toy

$ 24.95

SKU: 41937

Baby learns through curiosity — and through her gums! The ideal grasp toy offers safe, natural materials for both grabbing and chewing. This early learning bunny does just that with its granule-filled belly, long pink ears and a real beechwood ring, which can easily be removed and reattached with the help of velcro.

Our Signature 50th anniversary collection reimagines vintage toys with minimalist facial features, muted colors and the use of traditional materials, such as soft cotton. Happy anniversary, sigikid!

 Size: 6.7"

 Age: 0-3 Years

 Material: Cotton, tricot. Wadding: 100% Polyester

 Care: Machine wash in cold cycle.