Materials and Product Testing

One of the most important aspects in the safety of children's products is the choice of materials used to make the products. All of our products must comply with international toy standards and are certified on a regular basis:

    EN71, CE (incl. the REACH regulation)
    ASTM and CPSIA
    Öko-Tex 100

    For sigikid, complying with official safety standards is just one small part of product testing. We begin examining the value of our products as early as the development stage and look for potential dangers that could arise as a child plays with our toys. We believe that toys are more than just a means of entertainment.

    This includes a toy's cultural value, which promotes a child's development. The emotional development of a child is just as important as intellectual development and learning motor skills.

    Design as key factor

    We firmly believe that a good toy - and good design in particular - can positively influence a child's development. It is only logical then that we understand safety as an integral part of a toy's fun and cuddle factor. We apply the following instruments in the testing of our products:

        Field reports
        Test groups in nursery schools
        Learning and fun factor analysis (Spiel Gut, TUV, LGA)