Heule Beule - designer plush toy - Beasts by sigikid - 38981

Heule Beule

$ 69.95

SKU: 38981

In design and execution, this designer bear is a man’s man: the use of densely knit marled yarn for his body and of traditional herringbone tweed for his snout and legs makes him at home in a true gentleman’s world. The pouting lower lip fashioned from plush, tufty ears and paws as well as the furry paunch are rather to die for, don’t you think? (In other words, Heule Beule does not go amiss as a retirement gift, but don’t tell anyone we said so.)

This is Heule Beule's story as written on his tag: 

"Heule Beule plays video games most of the time and has trouble distinguishing between fiction and reality. That isprobably the reason for why he cries a lot. All of BEASTSTOWN would be ecstatic if you could comfort him and allow him less screen time."

 Size: 16.1"

 Age: 12+ Years

 Material: Plush, Wadding: Polyester

 Care: Machine wash in cold cycle.