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Organic Mini Plush Fox

$ 29.95

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Relax-time! Max out on family joy with this miniature plush fox who easily fits into any crib, carrier or stroller. Mini Plush Fox delights with his furry orange body and candy cane-striped stick legs and arms, which give him that adorable cartoon character look. He is not only a perfect grasp and cuddle toy from birth to toddler years, he also loves to entertain during boring car trips and visits to the doctor’s office.

Made from organic cotton and filled with pure lambswool, this beautifully crafted, machine-washable toy (in the wool cycle, please) helps you build a toxin-free home and childhood as well as lasting memories.

 Size: 8.7"

 Age: 0-3 Years

 Material: Certified organically cultivated cotton. Filled with organic lambswool.

 Care: Machine wash in wool cycle.