Kiez Miez

$ 74.95

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Never mind her humble origins. Kiez Miez proudly represents the height of sigikid designer plush. She was carefully made from four different kinds of high-end materials and wins over anyone’s affection with her cheeky knit face, rogue smile and big cartoon eyes.

She is absolutely one of a kind and will thrill your teenage kids as well as any adult endowed with a sense of humor and love for design. Meeeeooow!

This is Kiez' story as written on her tag:

"In her part of town she knows every open cellar window – and every true cat lover. Her trusting gaze and gentle purring have helped get her through every hard winter. But the yearning for freedom of her youth has become a longing for comfort and security: Today Kiez Miez wishes for nothing more than a special place in your heart."

 Size: 13.8"

 Age: 12+ Years

 Material: Plush, Wadding: Polyester

 Care: Dry cleaning. Not washable.

Customer Reviews

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He’s awesome ! Well made ❤️

Emily Story
I love this so much

This is an extremely well made lovey! I got it for my niece, from her crazy cat lady aunt. Street cats deserve love too!

Cheeky Little Cat

When Kiev Miez joined his family of Beasts at my house, he stood out as a very handsome quirky guy. Just looking at his expression as I do each morning while I have coffee in my sun room makes me smile. He is just delightful for young and old. When children come to visit me, they immediately go for Kiev Miez. He is that lovable. Although I have several favorite beasts, this one stands out above the crowd.