Fabric care for organic toys and conventional materials

sigikid’s products are made to last. We take great pride in manufacturing sustainable products that are often handed down from generation to generation. That is not to say that sigikid products will always last a life time. Regardless of how well a product is made cuddling over extended periods of time will take a toll on any toy. sigikid is no exception to that.

What we can do from our side is to make sure that we not only use the best quality in fabrics but also that you can easily care for your toy. All our baby and kids’ toys are machine washable. We recommend to only use the delicate cycle and to forgo any detergents with bleach.

Organic toys have to be washed in the wool cycle since they are stuffed with organic lamb’s wool that would turn clumpy if washed too hot. Please only air dry sigikid toys. The life expectancy of a sigikid toy strongly depends on how you care for it and how it is used. Baby toys that get chewed on may not last as long as a teddy bear that spends a lot of his time on a book shelf.