Our history begins in 1968 when sigikid was founded by the Gottstein family – a young and very entrepreneurial couple who also had their first child Axel that same year. But more about Axel later. It was their belief that you are never too old to cuddle or play, turning sigikid into one of the most recognizable toy brands in Europe and beyond. By the way, the name is a combination of the founder’s first name “Sigi” (short for Sigrid) and “kid” – pronounced with a hard “g” – as in garden.
sigikid’s focus has always been on child-centric design. Children’s innate curiosity naturally draws them to fun colors, interesting shapes, and soft textures. A true sigikid product incorporates all these elements, combined with durable and high quality materials. While children were initially our primary customers, anybody with an inner child will find their perfect match in our “BEASTS” designer plush collection, always with a healthy dose of humor.

Today, sigikid is an indispensable partner for parents to raise creative and independent little minds. In a world dominated by fast paced technology, sigikid’s products are a soothing counterpoint and promote unstructured play.

Our products are part of all the big and small moments in a child’s life and are often the first at hand to console, and to cuddle. sigikid toys are invaluable companions in a pediatrician’s office, they "heal" little booboos in no time and are expert travelers. All they need is a spin in the washer, occasionally. Otherwise, our products are made to last and ready for the next generation.

Speaking of the next generation: the son who was born the same year as sigikid has been at the helm of sigikid Germany for more than three decades now. True to a traditional family business, Axel manages all aspects of sigikid’s HQ in Mistelbach, Germany, while his sister Eva Frecea and her husband Lucian handle business development and sales in the Americas through their distribution company blue kite Brand Solutions, based in Moraga, CA.