sigikid was founded 50 years ago and is today a family owned company in the second generation. Early on, sigikid became known not only for its unique design and creative products, but also for the high quality standard, noticeable in the ultra softness and durability of our toys. While sigikid is based in the toy making region of Bavaria in Germany, we no longer manufacture our toys locally.

Today, the world is our home. We produce and sell our products worldwide. For our products we use only the best materials and are very careful about where we  manufacture under the sigikid label. We currently have production operations (materials, components, etc.) in Romania and China. 

    In fact, a majority of the sigikid products offered for the US market, are still made in the European Union (Romania) in sigikid's own factory. In the early 2000s, sigikid purchased a plant and remodeled it from scratch to precisely mirror our production standards from Germany. We have transferred our expertise and craftsmanship in toy making step by step and have continuously been training our Romanian staff on all levels. The factory machines and set-up are state of the art and meet all EU labor law requirements and building codes. 

    All our products are designed and produced with the same affection, diligence and attention to detail, no matter where they come from. They are made to last. 

    Finally, all products go through quality control at sigikid’s company headquarters in Mistelbach, Germany.