Activity Blankie Dump Truck

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Brand sigikid
SKU: 42434

Chugga chugga, check out this dumpster! Babies’ love of vehicles is unique and universal. Boy or girl, little hands enjoy a crackling truck in the crib. The combination of velours, corduroy and woven fabric thrills the finger tips, a nubby trailer goes straight between teething gums.

And what’s even more magical: older siblings and caretakers immediately feel inspired to imitate all those dump truck sounds and moves, which makes this activity blanket an interactive learning toy. All materials and features are baby-safe, while its muted colors delight parent eyes.

With Foil and Teething Ring.

 Size: 7.5"

 Age: Newborn +

 Material: Polyester. Wadding: 100% Polyester

 Care: Machine wash in cold cycle.