The Cuddle Factor

Have you ever wondered why we feel the need to cuddle? The urge to curl up on the sofa with a good book on a rainy day? Or the longing for a big bear hug? It may be hard to detect what exactly makes human beings crave cuddling but one thing is for sure: Cuddling is a universal need, independent of age, gender, culture and nationality. In times of dire straits, having a fuzzy companion can make your day and a perfect gift for someone who needs a little cheering up.

That’s why we at sigikid believe that anybody with an inner child needs a BEAST. The BEASTS are sigikid’s designer plush line of Cool Cuddlies that adults can relate to. BEASTS are as close as you get to having a real pet. Without the shedding. Without the feeding and the mess. You can take them with you on vacation, talk to them or just let them do what they are best at: Looking pretty and being the center of attention. When growing up, we presumably grow out of the teddy bear age and strive for something more adult. But have you ever noticed, how many people way beyond the childhood age, still have a teddy bear, a special pillow or a soft toy at home? It’s time to make it official!

The story behind the BEASTS

sigikid was founded 50 years ago and has early on positioned itself as the leading manufacturer of the cuddliest and softest plush animals on the market. sigikid’s Moonshine Gang paved the way for the BEASTS. When we noticed that the quirky styles were purchased more and more by and for adults, the BEASTS became their own brand within the sigikid family.

Quality-wise, there is no difference to other sigikid toys. When looking at the materials used though, you will see that their plush is a lot different from your average plush toy. We use materials like faux leather, fleece, felt and thick tuft just to name a few. These exquisite materials give the BEASTS their special look, however, this also makes them not suitable for children under 12 years.

The making of a BEAST

To ensure that the BEASTS have their unique expression, we use a multitude of details and small parts. We never airbrush facial expressions. Instead we go to great lengths in choosing the perfect buttons, stitching and patterns to create a unique sigikid BEAST. Their “beasty” character has to come across at first "plush" and putting those finishing touches on a BEAST takes special skills in the production process. BEASTS are never mass-produced. We produce them in small batches in sigikid's own factories in the European Union (Romania) where they are also hand-finished.

The final process in the making of a BEAST is the name giving. An expert consortium of BEAST aficionados spends many moons finding that perfect name for each new family member. Often those names have their origin in a Bavarian saying, which makes them not only unique but also at times impossible to translate into English. In some rare occasions, we will localize their names for the sake of not twisting your tongue too much. Each Beast has its unique name and story printed on its tag in English, French and German. 

New BEASTS come out twice a year. Most of the new entries arrive in spring and some more will join us in early fall. We also retire BEASTS once in a while who will then go to plush heaven, though we are not entirely sure about that.