Signature sigikid!

For 50 years, sigikid is known for its baby toys, super soft plush animals and educational toys. On this website, we have put together a collection of sigikid's bestsellers, timeless toys and new-comers that are simply signature sigikid.

Blankies: Some call them Snugglies, others refer to them as Doudous or Mini-Comforters, but they all stand for the same: a small blanket tiny tots can hold on to, nibble and chew on, play with or simply look at. The sigikid snugglies have turned into instant classics and have literally become family members. So much indeed that we get quite a few frantic emails and urgent orders for when a snuggly got lost and couldn't be replaced fast enough. Our recommendation: order them in twos, just to be on the safe side. Our snugglies are made in Romania and machine washable.

Activity Toys: Here you will find our best selling educational toys. One of the most fun learning tools is the Teaching Bear. He'll teach kids (3 years and up) the 5 most important things you need to know in life: how to close snaps and buttons, master velcro, zip up and down and the most challenging one: make a tie. Our activity toys are made in China, and are machine washable, of course.

Musical Toys: Music Boxes are a big part of sigikid. We offer them in all shapes and sizes. Unique about sigikid's music boxes is that they are machine-washable. Simply open the safety zipper and take out the music box. You can also exchange the music box should you ever want to introduce a new lullaby to your baby. Music boxes are made in Romania and in China.

The Sweety Collection: The Sweety line is sigikid's contemporary plush line and uses super-soft, microfabric plush. The Sweety Collection is machine-washable and made in Romania.

Gift collectionsLolo Lombardo, Wombel Bombel and Hubert Hallali are just a few of the characters that have become signature sigikid toys. Each collection features a wonderful array of baby gifts, from rattles, to squeakers to music boxes. Our gift collections are made in Romania.