Natural Love: Cuddly by Nature!


For today’s parents ecological awareness and sustainability in toys are not just buzzwords, but important matters of their heart. After all, textiles are among the first things a newborn comes in contact with. sigikid has long since paid tribute to this demand with the organic collection made of all natural materials. Our organic line brings a new and healthy take on the design of “green” children’s toys by using cotton cultivated in biologically controlled environments and pure organic materials that follow the highest safety standards in the world. sigikid is proud to offer an encompassing line of carefully crafted natural and organic products for infants. sigikid’s organic line presents pure and safe products that give peace of mind to parents and comfort to children.

Organic all the way

The label organic has turned into a buzzword and often leads to more confusion than understanding when it comes to toys. Commonly, organic is an attribute that is used to distinguish products from conventionally grown ingredients or materials. This means that organic cotton is cultivated free from pesticides, fertilizers or any other toxins that are potentially harmful.

Certification is the key

The key element is that a manufacturer can only label his products as organic in marketing and advertising materials, if the product has obtained proper certification. sigikid’s organic line is certified by LGA and TUV, independent German labs for  testing and product certifications.


Green products

sigikid’s organic line is manufactured in our own company in Romania. Even though organic materials are more readily available these days, organic toys tend to come at a higher price tag due to the more demanding production and certification process. It is also important to note that a product can rarely be labeled 100% organic in the strictest sense, due to toy safety regulations that can override the use of certain materials. 


sigikid’s products are made to last. All of our products are machine washable in the delicate cycle, with the idea in mind that sigikid toys are companions for generations to come. We want you to enjoy our products and that also means that we place a big focus on sustainable parts. We prefer a BPA-free plastic rattle to a wooden one inside a toy if it means that the life of the toy as a whole will be longer. We oppose disposing things after only a few uses or replacing it by a new toy if something wears out or gets dirty.