sigikid toys are known for their top quality and good design. But, don't take our word for it. Here is how others have experienced these qualities first hand: 

I absolutely fell in love when I saw this cuddly animal [Sweety Sheep]. I bought it as a gift, only I couldn’t give it up:). I have since purchased several more. They keep me company in my art studio and inspire my paintings with their color, whimsy and love. And not to worry, I did purchase more gifts for my young friends. These wonderful, creative creatures have no age limit!  [Clare - Customer]

 "Little kitty on the website doesn’t even come close to how it looks in real life. Absolutely ADORABLE and I’m not a feline fan. So cute, I wanted to keep the baby rattle for myself. Kitty is well-made. QUALITY craftsmanship from Germany, even the packaging is done well. Washable too ... SOLD." [Catherine D - Customer]

 "Thank you, the schnuggi play figure is so cute! When my sister lived in Germany years ago she bought a dog and bear for each of my babies and it was their favorites even to this day, very special . Now I can give my first grandchild one of her own." [Angelica S. - Customer]

"The Beasts arrived looking glorious; a little thirsty and ready for their welcome home party. Thank you for their expedited delivery.[Melinda F. - Customer]

"Thank you so much for the fast delivery and easy ordering process. My first granddaughter will be able to enjoy them for years to come. I simply love your products and hope you will offer as many products in the USA as you do in Europe. I can't wait for Christmas!" [Happy G-ma, Pamela - Customer]

"I adore this little guy. The quality is great. He [Sweety Giraffe] is soft and charming, but most of all he is uniquely different and cheerful." [ Jamie S.- Customer]

"My two year-old loved this toy from the second we opened it. Not only loves to try to bowl but sleeps with a different two bowling pins every night. Well made products and excellent customer service. I'll be buying additional items shortly." [SJ - Customer]

"This mouse is not only cute, but it's soft and sweet too!! I love the quality of these animals [BEASTS]. I recommend out for all adult collectors, as they are not your typical stuffed animals!!" [Margie - Customer]

"This is her favorite toy EVER!!! She is 2.5, and her woobie has to go everywhere with her. We have three of them because if one is in the wash or at Grandma's house, she freaks out! We also have one as back up. You never know! She LOVES it though. Great gift for kids. :)" [Katherine N. - Customer]

"My 6 months baby loves this toy! There are so many parts the baby can grab and hold on to, and the baby absolutely loves the tail. The colors are bright. And the toy is washable. I've already washed the toy, and the washing process did not affect the pulling mechanism on the baby kangaroo. Thank you, sigikid!" [Irina T. - Customer]

 "This musical elephant is beautifully made and the best part is the musical part is removable so that it can be washed! The material is like terry cloth, but works well for the design and look of the toy. I loved it so much I bought another one as a gift." [Oi Ling - Customer]

"I want to first note that these good people ship FAST! Thank you....Because Snugglies are little comforters with knots for hands and feet, they are perfect for baby hands learning to grasp and hold things. My son is teething and loves chewing on the head, hands or feet while rubbing his face on the comforter body.... Sigikid Snuggly is the perfect baby shower gift. Forget those little blankets with the stuffed animal head in the middle. Be it a dog, bunny, bear, mouse, or elephant, every baby deserves a Sigikid Snuggly."[Kiyoko - Customer]

"The Easter Beaster was the hit of my four year old's holiday. Even the adults loved him. He is very soft and just the perfect size to hold under your arm as you go about your day. Everyone was jealous they didn't have an Easter Beaster. He is now her favorite stuffed animal. She sleeps with him every night. He is precious! Love his crooked ear also! This is a keeper. I would recommend it to everyone, children and adults alike.." [Theresa - Customer]

"The bear is amazing - soft, colorful, smiling :-) and it is organic!" [Irina G.- Customer]

"Sigikid toys have found the perfect blend of style and class plus playfulness. They are high quality toys that are both nostalgic an trendy and can last a lifetime. The easy care and the beautiful design and innovation are what completes this amazing toy line." [Mom Blog Society]

"Olivia's new best friend is her Sweety Bear from sigikid. I have always wanted to give her a special teddy bear because I grew up with one, but I wanted something that was one-of-a-kind. Though I planned to save it for Christmas, the day it arrived she saw it sitting on the counter and reached for it. As soon as I gave it to her, she hugged and kissed it and the rest is history. Coziest friend ever." [A Blessed Nest Blog ].

"The huggable Bunny from the Sweety Collection has 10 different materials to give this rabbit a radically different look from most plush pals. Little ones love bright colors, but anything that moves will motivate them to do the same. The Vibrating Snail is one of the best toys for observing and dexterity." [The Giggle Guide"]

"They [sigikid] make some really unique products with serious personality. There are the BEASTS: quirky and fun plush toys. And then there are the ACTIVITY TOYS: they rattle, vibrate, squeak, crackle, and educate. All of these toys are beautiful and entertaining in person and are totally worth checking out." [Mom Mart Blog]

"I’ve found the sigikid toys that I received to be works of art. They are well-designed, and made of durable, quality materials. So many toys I see today are either full of plastic and flashy colors, or lack the childish play aspect. Sigikid has found the balance, with adorable creatures and bright colors, combined with quality materials and sophisticated prints. These toys are timeless classics that are full of character and imagination, keeping in mind that kids are kids." [Mom Blog Society]

"With a wide range of products for the littlest of babies to the busiest toddlers and even for young and older children alike, sigikid offers the highest quality products perfect for the modern day family. They are all so unique and filled with character and that is perhaps what I love the most." [A Blessed Nest]

"The sigikid toys have become some of our favorites from the day we happened to stumble on them at the local baby boutique. Charming, different, interesting, with a beautiful story , these German works of art come to fit all tastes and preferences, including all organic option too. []

"we believe that having a fuzzy companion from sigikid's NEW Fall 2014 collection of “beasts”  will make the perfect gift for anyone who needs a little cheering up, or just loves a good cuddle." [Daily Mom Blog]

"When I ordered these bears for Easter, I experienced amazing customer service. Lucian really made sure that I received my order in time for Easter and communicated back and forth with me through the whole ordering process. When I received the bears, I was pleasantly surprised over the superb quality of these bears. They were a huge hit for Easter. I highly recommend Sigikid plush for any child and I look forward to future purchases. Many thanks!!" [Bren - customer]

"The unique quality and precise detail of each sigikid toy is what sets the brand apart, offering a new modern take on traditional plush toys" [Belly Ballot