MOOD PET Elephant

$ 37.95

SKU: 42959

Feeling rather … intrigued? So does this cuddly elephant from our brand-new MOOD PETS series! Hold on though, his eyebrows can easily be tweaked to express all kinds of other feelings from forlorn to hopeful by small or adult hands. This makes him the most personable and giggles-guaranteed toy bear in our collection.

This moody pet promotes the STEM skill of reading emotions and responding to them with empathy. Made from soft plush with some granulated filling, our Mood Pet Elephant can sit up on his own, and yes, he can also lift that single brow at any child who refuses to brush their teeth.

 Size: 13.8"

 Age: 3-12 Years

 Material: Luxurious plush. Wadding: Polyester 

 Care: Machine wash in cold cycle.