Patchwork Giraffe Plush Toy

$ 37.95

SKU: 42837

“Yellloooww!” Boring was yesterday, today is for those who love to learn all about colors, song and dance, especially from our most talented stuffed giraffe. She feels naturally at home in the art room but also at the center of toddler birthday parties.

Made from a wide range of patterned patches in bright green, yellow, red, purple and blue, she becomes an instant favorite and indispensable cuddle and learning toy. Grab yourself some giraffe magic today!

 Size: 14.2"

 Age: 3-12 Years

 Material: Cotton, Polyester. Wadding: Polyester

 Care: Machine wash in cold cycle.

Customer Reviews

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Carly S.
Adored for years

My child was gifted this giraffe by her great aunt Alice when she was 6-months old. Alice passed away a few months later, and this giraffe was named Alice in her memory. A second Alice was purchased by us in case anything happened to the first, and was put into rotation during preschool.

Eight years later, both Alice the giraffes still hold prominent places at bedtime, tucked in my daughter's arms as she falls asleep each night. They no longer have the soft fluff they once had, their horns have been chewed, they're rather threadbare, one has lost a patch, and one needed to be stitched up on her side where a hole developed from little hands picking at her fur. But they are still going strong and have been so very loved.