Patchwork Lion Plush Toy

$ 37.95

SKU: 42844

Burned the birthday cake? Dude, don’t sweat it! Trust this seen-it-all stuffed lion and relax: like him, it will all come out fine in the wash! Our most idiosyncratic lion does not only stun with his laid back attitude, but with a durable corduroy body, wild multi color mane, cool stripes and a muted retro color scheme.

He’s the optimal mate in all parenting fails and ready to cheer up the big and small members of your tribe. And yes, he really is machine-washable.

 Size: 12.6"

 Age: 3-12 Years

 Material: Cotton, Polyester. Wadding: Polyester

 Care: Machine wash in cold cycle.

Customer Reviews

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the lion was way too cute the quirkyness i think made him. got him for my wife
along with a special gift would highly recommend sigikid's plush toys

Hank Shaughnessy
Best Friend!

Hi, my name is Hank! I was gifted to C. by her best friend of 40+ years - they are both "Leos".... it's a thing - back in July 2014. Since then I've slept in C&P's bed each night, being cuddled to death, rode across Canada on their motorcycles (in a Hank-bag ("tank bag", get it??) and just in general live a pretty good life... for a "Kuscheltier" - as they say in German! I am -obviously- high quality, super cute, and the best friend you could ask for (I rarely disagree with you and give the best hugs)! C'mon, adopt my brothers and cousins and invite them into your home and heart. You won't regret it!