Ach Good! Chief Bear

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Soft leadership skills come easy to this highly individualistic stuffed bear, seeing that he is the original introvert-extrovert. Thoughtful eyes are set into a heart-shaped face with signature snub nose. Chief Bear enjoys having his fluffy coat brushed to a shine as well as giving valuable life advice to big and small people.

He diligently keeps things under control in the playroom or office — until he pads off on ultra-soft plush feet to claim some personal space and probably some chocolate pudding. Know someone just like him? Pair them up for the beginning of a wonderful friendship!

 Height: 14.2"

 Age: 12+ Years

 Material: Plush, Wadding: Polyester

 Care: Machine wash in cold cycle.


Customer Reviews

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Kathleen Tuttle
Ach! What a star

So I have been looking at this sweetie for a while and then 2 weeks ago I saw him On a French police drama (Origins) Playing the very close companion of a little boy with Leukemia-and I knew I had to have him..I have named him Theirry in honor of a French actor I adore(Theirry Godard} Well Theirry arrived this afternoon and he is wonderful in bearson -cuddly -sweet-with a very knowing expression and like all Sigikids beautifully made and full of whimsy-really I am as happy as a child to have him as part of the Sigikid family.

Margie E Crow
Ach Great

This adorable bear is by far the best of the best! I've bought several of these beasts,and love them all, but,this one is the best. His soft fur and body make him the perfect bear to hug. He looks at you with eyes that say hug me always. I highly recommend Sigikid beasts for every adult wanting something a little different.

Kalyani Pandya
Ach Goood? Very very good!

I am the caretaker of seventeen, yes 17, Sigikid Beasts; and I have ample room for each one of them in my heart and in our home. As a collector of the best of The Best and rarest of The Rare, I feel I've got a pretty good finger on the pulse of what makes a humble toy a True Treasure, a mere plaything a Cherished Chum.
And Ach Goood is among such Treasured Chums. So what makes this Beast so special? His facial expression and eye placement, size, shape, and design, create a curious, sweet, lovely appearance, evoking instant "Awwww....." everytime anyone encounters him. His body, thought slight in girth, is remarkably cuddly, weighted perfectly, covered in the exact texture for belly scratches and soft kisses, and is wonderfully squishy and soft. His arms are floppy fun, and his too big feet are velvety to touch. He has accompanied us on vacations, to work, running errands, and always provides humour and compassion, bewitching even the most rude and angry of drivers. Watch them dissolve into silly putty next time their rude gestures are met with Ach Goood's sweet little smile and bulging tender nose. The only improvement I will suggest, is an increase in his arm length in proportion to his longish torso size. Ach Goood remains my favourite of all the Beats I know, though I would not want this news to get out to my other Beast companions lest their feelings be hurt.