In many German speaking countries, it is now time to decorate the Easter tree or bush. While the origin of these traditions is long lost, eggs are at the center of all activities. For an Easter bush, you start with a bouquet of sturdy branches that can range from Forsythia to Pussy Willow and put it in a large vase. Next comes the tricky part: you'll have to blow out the eggs and then carefully paint or color them. In many families these artfully decorated (and fragile) Easter eggs are handed down from generation to generation. Alternatively, you can also buy Easter eggs made from paper, plastic or wood. Just keep in mind, the heavier the eggs are, the sturdier the branches of your Easter bush should be.  

The weeks before Easter Sunday, you will also see beautifully decorated Easter Fountains in many German speaking areas. sigikid hails from Upper Franconia in Northern Bavaria where many villages still follow this tradition. On Easter Sunday itself, children go searching for Easter nests that their parents have hidden for them earlier in the day outside. The content of the nests can vary widely, but chocolate eggs and candy in all shapes and sizes are a must. Legend has it that the Easter Bunny tediously hides all the nests and it is a mystery to many children how the Easter Bunny manages to surprise them every year.


March 02, 2023 by sigikid USA