This Saturday, December 9th, sigikid is bringing its toy collections to the German Holiday Market in Mountain View, California!


You can also find sigikid products in Chicago and Atlanta this year. These month long markets are great fun for the entire family!  

If you are not too familiar with German XMAS markets, we are happy to give you a little insight into what these markets are all about. At the end of November, in almost every German city Christmas Markets pop up. Local vendors and artists set up booths for the duration of the Holiday season which typically ends on Christmas Eve. Often referred to as Christkindlmarkets, you can also find them in Austria and Switzerland with some regional variations, but undoubtedly with the following key culinary treats:

Gluehwein: hot mulled wine to loosen and warm up. Gluehwein is made with red wine, spices and sugar and depending on the quality of ingredients and level of personal intake, it is a delicious libation, best enjoyed in moderation. In the US, you can buy ready-made Gluehwein at stores like Cost Plus/ World Market or Trader Joe's but it is really easy to make it yourself.

Sausages: to help absorb above mentioned Gluehwein...

Roasted chestnuts or almonds and Gingerbread

If you have ever been to a Christmas Market in the midst of winter, then you know how truly magical this experience is. This Saturday, if you're in the area, you will be able to get a taste of it in Mountain View, CA, if only for a day and take advantage of some great deals on sigikid toys. See you there!

December 06, 2017 by Eva Frecea